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The Paraíso Trombetas Lodge was designed with the main objective of welcoming fishermen and nature lovers, allowing a greater number of people to enjoy the wonders of this part of the Amazon forest.

The Lodge has five quadruple rooms of 22 m2 (two single beds and a bunk bed), all with private bathroom and air conditioning.

Our boats are equipped with 15 HP engines, chairs, lifejackets and coolers. All guides are natives and deep connoisseurs of the region. A comfortable restaurant overlooking the river provides tasty cuisine combining typical foods from Minas Gerais and Pará states.

O Rio Trombetas

This river of tepid waters has its source in Suriname, and after about 710 km, it meets the Amazon river near the city of Oriximiná. The waters are calm between the mouth of the Amazon River and the village of Cachoeira Porteira.

In this place there is a waterfall of about 3 to 4 meters that prevents navigation upstream. From this point, the river is radically transformed, presenting numerous rapids and waterfalls, many of them too high to be transposed.

One unique inhabitant of this region is the Tucunaré Porteiro (Cichla Thyrorus), present in the rocks existing throughout the bed of the Trombetas. The other fishes that are easily captured are Piraíba (Lau-Lau), Jau (Zungaro Jahu) , Pirarara (Redtail catfish), Trairão (Wolf fish), Jundiá (Leopard catfish), piranhas and bicudas (Boulengerella cuvieri), among others.

An incredible report including photos of the Trombetas River can be found in the book “Voyage Au Trombetas” by the French explorer Henri Coudreau. This researcher explored the Trombetas river and the region of Cachoeira Porteira between August 7 and November 25, 1899.

A copy of this historical book is available at


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