Paraíso Trombetas

The Lodge is located on the Trombetas river, just eight kilometers from the village of Cachoeira Porteira. The access to the Lodge is made entirely by dirt road in good condition. During the rainy season, the transfer can also be made by boat from the Cachoeira Porteira. The fishing sites are all located in the vicinity of the Pousada, in the Trombetas River itself or in the Cachorro and Mapuera rivers.

Como Chegar

The access to Cachoeira Porteira can be done in several ways, and we are available to assist you in programming your trip:

- Manaus / Cachoeira Porteira or Santarém / Cachoeira Porteira: Chartering in airplanes with capacity for up to nine people;

- Manaus / Porto Trombetas or Santarém / Porto Trombetas: Map Linhas Aéreas has scheduled flights some days a week. From Porto Trombetas the journey is made by the Trombetas river in comfortable boats. This journey lasts an average of 2.5 hours;

- Santarém / Porto Trombetas or Oriximiná: Speedboat of the company Expresso Tapajós. The journey lasts between four and six hours. This trip is made in comfortable boats with TV, bar, air conditioning, and provides a spectacular view along the Amazon and Trombetas rivers. There is another option by Ship / Ferry boat. The journey takes about 13 hours. These ships have cabins with private bathroom and air conditioning. In addition to the spectacular scenery, this trip provides a unique experience of interaction with the population of the region.

We will always be at your disposal to assist you in programming your trip.


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